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SIGHTING: Big cat spotted on the coast road at Talacre

Tanlan puma sighting

A big cat was spotted on the A548 at Tanlan, near Talacre, at around 6:30pm on New Years Eve. The dark grey feline was only a couple of miles from suspicious badger killings in Whitford and a few minutes along the coast road at Abakhan Fabrics, where a puma sighting was reported on New Years Day 2015.

Tommy got in touch to report the sighting and told us: “[I saw a] large cat roughly the size of a Labrador. On the road, where the road turns to a national speed limit.

“The cat looked dark grey in colour and headed to the forest.”

Whitford, Abakhan and Tanlan are all within the same two-mile radius, and as pumas are usually solitary animals roaming a territory of around 30 square miles, it’s highly likely it’s the same animal being spotted each time. This radius is only five miles from a sighting near Pentre Halkyn back in October.

You can use the report a sighting form here to quickly let us know about any big cat encounters, recent or historical, and to upload any pictures or videos if you have them!

Puma Sightings map
The locations of recent sightings at Tanlan (Talacre), Whitford and Abakhan

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