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WEEKLY UPDATE: Corwen, Whitford, Abakhan Fabrics and Pontybodkin

Since we last posted an update on the blog, we’ve had multiple reports of big cat sightings across the region, some of which have already been reported in the local media. We’ve also had a brilliant video sent in of the Corwen puma sighting from our last update!


Looking out over Whitford towards Mostyn

Dan reported a suspected big cat killing badgers in the Whitford area, after finding a suspicious carcass on Monday 2nd November this year. Dan’s account has already been reported here by The Leader. Here’s what they told us in full: “I found a badger which had been killed overnight and whatever killed it ate it with exception of its head and feet which were untouched. The rest had gone completely leaving just the virtually immaculately clean bones. The whole rib cage had even been ate back to the spine.

“Some 12 months earlier a stray sheep was found in the same area. The farmer was informed he didn’t retrieve his animal that night. The next morning the sheep was largely gone, killed and I’d say 40-50% eaten by 7am.

“I have no idea at all about the behaviour of animals in the wild but after working outdoors for 20yrs I’ve never experienced animal being killed and devoured so quickly. I was amazed when I found both to be honest as to what could do that in such a short space of time.”

Abakhan Fabrics, Mostyn

Abakhan Fabrics
Image: Google

Glyn got in touch with us to report spotting a big cat across the road from the well-known Abakhan Fabrics site in Mostyn, around 8pm on the evening of New Year’s Day 2015.

They’re not sure what species of big cat they might have seen, but it’s worth mentioning Mostyn and Abakhan are only around 1.5 miles from Whitford, bordering the same fields and connected by the type of wooded valleys where big cats are often sighted.

Corwen video

In our last update, we shared Dee’s report of seeing a puma on the Llangollen Railway in Corwen. We’ve since been provided with this video of the encounter!

The video was recorded around 12:30pm on Thursday 27th November, which The Leader have verified using the news bulletin heard playing on the car radio in the background.

She told us: “We spotted a very large black cat with an unusual swagger whilst sitting in a vehicle. I got out to walk closer, trying to be quiet so as not to spook the animal but when I got about 30 yards away the car started snarling and spitting and spooked me. I walked away backwards.”

New sighting at Pontybodkin

After a puma was caught on video at Wood Pit Nature Reserve near Pontybodkin a few weeks ago, another local resident has been in touch to report a sighting just 150 metres away.

They told us the animal was at least the size of a Wesh Springer Spaniel but definitely not a dog, saying: “I was drying my hair in my mum’s room, I happened to turn around and through the window that overlooks the field. I saw a cat-shaped, however dog-sized, full black figure run across the field towards the hedge/fence. I lost sight of it as there’s a brow in the hill. It was sprinting across.

“I could tell it was not a dog, however, I did have a look to see if there were any dog walkers, however, there weren’t any.

“This comes after a sighting of a big cat on the old railway line last month, which is 150m to 200m away. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a video or photo.”

The Leader reported this as a second sighting of ‘the Pontbodkin Puma’. The previous sighting (and video) was covered by Yahoo News, The Mirror, AOL and The Sun, among others.

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