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Map of Big Cat Sightings

Smartphones: Use two fingers to zoom
Desktop: Use Ctrl + Scroll Wheel to zoom the map
Tap the big cat signs to go to each sighting report.
If a pop-up appears after tapping, please wait a second as you are redirected.

We endeavour to keep this map regularly updated as sightings are published.
You can report a big sighting anywhere in the UK from this page.

We ensure each location is as accurate as possible, however, a small minority are estimates and not exact locations.
Some locations are slightly altered to protect the local environment and any animals.

Work in progress: Our map now shows >98% of sightings reported to Puma Watch.
We’re working to improve its coverage of sightings reported in the press and to the authorities.
We’ll soon add the ability to filter by details such as date or species and expand its coverage region.