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SIGHTING: Massive mystery cat caught on camera prowling Chester Meadows

An Uber Eats courier has today reported a suspected puma sighting which took place at sunset back in December last year – and shared the photo above with us.

Richard told us: “I was out on my bike coming back into town after delivering someone’s McDonald’s when I spotted an enormous big cat across the river on the meadows. I pulled over to take a picture and tried to shout to a dog walker nearby but they couldn’t hear me.

“It was prowling along the edge of the long grass then disappeared into the undergrowth. It was absolutely massive though, like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

The photo was taken at about 3:45pm from the A51 road near Barrel Well Hill and Mount Place.

Chester’s meadows act as a floodplain for the River Dee and while surrounded by urban developments on three sides, they are contiguous with the fields and farmland south of the city. While this is the first report we’ve had from Chester, we welcome reports from counties neighbouring North Wales and also get reports from Shropshire.

You can use the report a sighting form here to quickly let us know about any big cat encounters, recent or historical, and to upload any pictures or videos you might have!

Chester meadows puma
Chester Meadows puma
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8 thoughts on “SIGHTING: Massive mystery cat caught on camera prowling Chester Meadows”

  1. Grosvenor Estate has a healthy supply if Deer which is a short distance from the meadows at Chester. Easy pickings for an Alien Big Cat.

  2. This, if correct, is truely a massive Cat, If you scale it to the dog walker in the foreground of the picture it is enormous!
    The size of this “Cat” makes it hard for me to believe, although I do believe it is possible that we do have a population of Big Cats in Britain.
    Big thanks to Puma watch for its recording of these events.
    Do you keep contact with Rick from Big Cat conversations? Perhaps start a podcast yourselves.

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  4. This looks way out of proportion to me. I saw a black panther in Wales around 20 years ago. It was around the same height as the sheep in the next field. Its length, tail and walk was unmistakable. I find this one hard to believe. If its a fake, its a shame to defame genuine sightings

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